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Smart Phone Recorder - the PC Answering Machine Software can record your telephone calls at an incredible compression rate of 3.7MB/Hour (others use the format of 56.25MB/Hour) into windows wave(.wav) files using your computer's voice modem. It greatly saves your computer's resources.

Another unique feature is this phone recording software  can start recording automatically even if you lift your telephone handset before the answering machine software takes an action for an incoming call. You may simply negotiate with  your customer as usual without clicking on a button or pressing a key.

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Features of Smart Phone Recorder
  • New Version 3.6.5 'Make Calls' feature enhanced. 1) Dialing prefix - for IP dialing. 2) Import and Export phone book entries 3) Copy to the end of phone book list - for further dialing with the un-reached numbers.
  • Version 3.5 Now you can block unwanted calls by setting up the BLACKLIST.
  • Version 3.0: 1) You can record an outgoing call at any time during conversation just by RIGHT CLICKING the 'Make Call' button. 2) You can enlarge the three small window by clicking on the title button. 3) Dialer feature enhanced.
  • Auto Start Recording (Unique Feature) - When you lift the handset for an incoming call, Smart Phone Recorder will automatically start recording your conversation and save it to a file with the format:   "year-month-date~hour-minute-second~caller id~caller name.wav"
  • Real Time Audio Compression (Unique Feature) - The wave file is recorded with a low sample rate. This means you may store 8760 hours worth of wave files  (One Year!) on a 32G hard disk.
  • Auto Answering - Smart Phone Recorder will answer the call after a pre-set number of rings, play a greeting and record your voice mail.
  • Caller ID Detection Supported - You may get callerID information when:
    1. You have a voice modem that supports CALLER ID detection in your local state
    2. Your telecompany supports CALLER ID information transfer
    3. You have subscribed to the CALLER ID service
  • DTMF(Dual Tone Multi Frequency) Detecting - When the caller enter a  series of  digits on the telephone keypad, Smart Phone Recorder displays those digits. 
  • Backup Data - Provides a simple interface to backup or managing your wave files.
  • Log Management - Reviews or prints the log files(status) of every day connections.
  • Build in Phone Book - Store up to 3000 records containing  phone numbers and names or other information. If your modem supports CallerID,  the caller name and phone number will be displayed in the log file.
  • Answer Ring Rules - Sets the number of rings before the phone recording software responds to the call.
  • Hide to Systray - Minimizing the startup screen places an icon in the Systray

The unregistered version of Smart Phone Recorder is time limited to stop recording your conversation after 5 calls, each of which is limited to 80 seconds

Registered Users Benefits

  • Record all conversations of any length limited only by the space available on your hard disk.



PC Answering Machine Software Vs. Tape Recorder

Pc answering systems use a digital chip in voice modem to process voice signals, which are stored in computer hard disk as a stream of bits. This method differs from that used by their electromechanical predecessors, which used magnetic tape for both outgoing and incoming storage.

We feel that pc phone recording software is on balance better than tape. 

Here's why:

  • First, pc call recording software has no moving parts to wear out and are therefore likely to give long service. Contrast this with tapes, pulleys, rollers, drive belts, gears, and motors on a typical tape machine.
  • Second, pc answering system is simply easier to use: like a CD player, you can move back and forth between messages with the touch of a mouse click. Contrast this with the need to rewind or fast forward a tape, pausing every few seconds to see if you've found the right spot on the tape.
  • Third, pc answering machine can offer advanced features such as mailboxes and message transfer, which are especially invaluable to business users.
  • Last, sound quality on pc phone recording software remains constant throughout the lifetime of the computer. Contrast this with tape machines where head wear, capstan wear, and tape wear all cause a gradual worsening of sound over time.

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