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02-02-2007 Version 3.6.5 'Make Calls' feature enhanced. 1) Dialing prefix - for IP dialing. 2) Import and Export phone book entries 3) Copy to the end of phone book list - for further dialing with the un-reached numbers.
10-08-2006 Version 3.5 Now you can block unwanted calls by setting up the BLACKLIST.
03-03-2005 Version 3.0 - Now you may enlarge the three small windows by clicking the title button of theirs. Dialer feature enhanced: You may import or outport a phone list. Simply dial next feature.
01-01-2005 Version 2.6.9 - Now you may record an outgoing call during conversation by RIGHT CLICKING the 'Make Call' button
10-06-2004 Version 2.6.5 - Bug Fixed
02-27-2004 Version 2.5.0 - Mini Upgrade
05-12-2003 Version 2.4.6 - Smart Fast Busy Signal Detector and Silence Detector features were added
07-01-2002 Version 2.3.9 - renamed to Smart Phone Recorder, new look, silence detection, legal message, output sound file format - PCM8K, 16BIT, MONO
11-01-2001 Demo version (2.3.0) is released today
10-23-2001 Add the "Answer Manually" option for compatibility with most modems
08-15-2001 Add real time audio compression.  Store 270 hours of wave files in 1GB of hard disk space
07-23-2001 The demo version (2.1.1) is released today
02-01-2001 The newest version (2.0.1) will be released this week
01-25-2001 Bug fixed & appending the "Dial Out" function
12-25-2000 Released the first version of SMART PHONE RECORDER!





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