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  • Setup Before You Can Use This Software

Select "Options" from the Setup Menu

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Select Modem

Select a modem that supports voice (also it must be caller id supported). If your modem does not support voice the line turns gray and you can not select this modem. Please read our "Voice Modem FAQ" for further information.

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Startup Option

  • Load With System Starts - Automatic load this program while Windows starts up

  • Minimize On Startup - Auto minimize this program while loading and hide to Systray

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Additional Block Option

  • Most Unknown calls are telemarketing calls. Check the Block 'UNKNOWN' Calls option so that 90% of telemarketing calls will be blocked

  • Sometimes calls from your friend's office or long distance calls are UNKNOWN calls too. Setup an 'Unlock PIN Number' will let your friends pass by the blocking. Suppose you have set the PIN as '678' and tell your friends to enter the number '678' from his telephone keypad right after the greeting of Telemarketing Blocker. Then you may hear the ring comes through your soundcard. (of course you have to turn on your PC's speaker all the time) 

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Operating Mode

You may choose the operating mode that fits what you need.

  • Mode1 - This software works in "transparent" mode. It blocks the incoming call when the caller id is in the black list.

  • Mode2 - Works in "replace ringer" mode. It blocks the incoming call when the caller id is in the black list. If the caller id is not in the black list, it will play the next ring tones through your PC speaker to notify you that a call comes in.

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  • Shortcut of Adding Phone Numbers to Black List

You can add your desire blocking numbers to the Private or Public black list by choosing from the main menu of Telemarketing Blocker.

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Also, you can choose the caller id entry from the main "Incoming Call Log" window and right click the mouse button. Choose the function from the popup menu and simply add a phone number to the black list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SIT tone? The SIT (Special Information Tone) tone is the short "doo-doo-doo" sound you hear when you dial a disconnected number.Telemarketers don't want to pay their operators to dial the phone and listen to busy signals and answering machines, so they have a computer do it for them. The Predictive Dialer is programmed to hang up if it hears a SIT tone, since it knows the line is disconnected. It doesn't listen to what's said after the SIT tone, since it doesn't understand words. The Telemarketer takes that number out of their database too, so it won't be called again!


Why shall we play a wave message ("please put me on your do not call list") to the telemarketer after the SIT tone? The SIT tone is for computer dialers. But if the telemarketer dials manually, we must tell them put this number to their DO-NOT-CALL list. Two federal laws, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 and the Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud Abuse Prevention Act, give you the right to tell a telemarketer not to call you again. 


What is a voice modem? A voice modem is a modem that is capable of playing and recording audio over a telephone line.   While almost all modems are data and fax capable, more and more also have voice capabilities. Learn more in our  Voice Modem FAQ.


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