PC Voice Mail System
Why use Smart Phone Recorder?
  • It's a sensible and inexpensive solution. If you have a voice modem installed on your computer you can use this software to record your telephone conversations instead of having to purchase, setup, and physically install a conventional answering machine that may lack some, or all, of the sophisticated abilities of Smart Phone Recorder.  Consider the wasted desk space, additional wires, power supply module, and all the complications involved with making operational a conventional answering machine. Why not let the computer (that you already have) do all the work?. The only logical answer is Smart Phone Recorder.
  • True automation. There are many software packages that can provide the functions of an answering machine, but Smart Phone Recorder can automatically start recording when you lift your telephone handset (even before the answering machine feature responds), and stop recording when you finish your conversation. Now you don’t have to "control" the computer every time you talk to someone.
  • Real Time Audio Compression. TrueSpeech(DSP Group) is a highly compressed (15:1) recording format generally used for recording voice conversations. The rate of compression is 3.7MB per hour, so you can store a massive amount of voice mail in a very small space. (Theoretically you can store up to one entire Year, 24 hours a day, on a single empty 32GB hard disk.) The CODEC of TrueSpeech is shipped with Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP.  

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