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Registration Benefits:
  • No limits on quantity or lengths of messages
  • FREE lifetime upgrades
  • No reminder screens
  • Priority technical support

Check Your Modem Before Register:

If you are using a soft modem you'd better check it with the demo version. Because some soft modems will stop recording in one minute by itself. If you don't know if your modem can overcome this 60 seconds line, please download our demo (supports 80 seconds recording per call)  and try it by yourself.

We do not recommend these modems bellow:

Agere Systems PCI Soft Modem

They are SOFT modems! And recording will be disconnected in 60 seconds by the modem driver automatically. 
Broadxent DSI PCI Modem
BCM  56K PCI Modem
GTW PCI Voice Modem

Recommended Modem

                  Model                                               Where To Buy

USB 2.0 External Modem (Highly Recommended)

Aopen FM56-PLX (PCI Internal) NCIXUS


Aopen FM56-PX (PCI Internal) NCIXUS


Aopen FM56-EXV (External Serial)


Did you test the demo of Smart Phone Recorder?

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No, I haven't test it yet!













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