Answering Machine:Caller ID:Call Recording

(Demo Version Limitation - only 5 calls per loading and 180  seconds recording per call)





Please read our Voice Modem FAQ   first.

  • Does your modem support voice?  Check the manual of your modem. 
  • If your operating system is Vista then you may need to install the DSP TrueSpeech CODEC in your system. Download here: tsp_codec_install.exe
  • Have the "Serial Wave Device for Modem" driver been installed correctly?  If not, the modem name will not be displayed in Smart Phone Recorder's "Setup Panel"
  • Definition of recorded files varies with different modem manufacturers.
  • Smart Phone Recorder does not support ISDN, Cable or DSL Modems.
  • Due to the advanced features of Smart Phone Recorder, it is not compatible with Windows NT because Windows NT does not support Unimodem/V.
  • If your operating system is WIN95 or Vista then you may need this file in the system directory (\windows\system)





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